I have been an active web developer since 1999. I am proficient with dozens of languages but specialise in Python and PHP, and in a few different frameworks, namely Drupal and Django. I also enjoy the odd task in MIPS, MATLAB, C, or VHDL when required. I am a strong proponent of open source, web standards, and accessibility.

From the blog:

Human readable file sizes

Apr 05, 2004

size_readable() converts a number of bytes into human readable form.

Highlighting a search string in HTML text

Apr 05, 2004

str_highlight() provides a variety of text highlighting options for plaintext or HTML strings.

Handling tab to space conversions

Apr 05, 2004

tab2space() converts tabs to the appropriate amount of spaces to preserving formatting.

Cycling between strings, a novel implementation

Apr 05, 2004

Cycle provides a novel way to iterate through an array. This is commonly used for zebra-striping tables.

Creating a string exerpt elegantly

Apr 05, 2004

str_chop() provides a number of options for trimming long text into something suitable for display.

Converting HTML colours from HEX to RGB

Apr 05, 2004

hex2rgb() converts HTML hexadecimal colour codes into their RGB equivalent

Converting arrays to human readable tables

Apr 05, 2004

array2table() allows you to quickly display the contents of an array as a HTML table. It can also recursively display data for nested arrays.

Calculating a directories size in PHP

Apr 05, 2004

dirsize provides a heavily optimised method for calculating the size of large directories.