I specialise in distressed project consultancy: If your project is overtime or overbudget, I can help.

As a full stack developer and engineer with over ten years of experience, I excel in evaluating projects holistically. This involves looking at the project requirements, development team, the project management and stakeholder participation, and then providing a roadmap for successful delivery.

Recent clients:

  • Precedent, ongoing consulting and development for this top tier multi-national digital agency.
  • Monash University, developed innovative prototypes and multiple microsites focussed on highly engaging experiences, with strong accessibility requirements.
  • The RSPCA, support around their new national website with a tight deadline.
  • MS Society UK, extensive consulting and development for this heavily trafficked UK website.
  • The Blue Hive, python app development and frontline support for this top tier multi-national digital marketing agency.
  • Neustar, module development and consulting for the largest global provider of IP geolocation services.

If you’re doing something unique and helping make the world a better place, get in touch! I volunteer (or heavily discount for long engagements) several weeks of my time each year.