Drupal meets geolocation with Quova

Posted 8 September 2011

Quova - the worlds largest geolocation provider - has sponsored the development of a suite of Drupal modules to bring geolocation to Drupal.

With their suite of modules site developers can now easily create locale aware, geo-targeted compelling experiences in Drupal.

The suite of modules for both Drupal 6 and 7 includes:

  • Quova Core - Provides an API to interact with the Quova IP Info service, and helpers for location based customizable content.
  • Quova Context - Built in context support allows you to use country and line speed as a context argument. This allows you to easily display localised blocks, display country dependent blocks, or swap out bandwidth sensitive content.
  • Quova Locale - Provides automatic language switching based on the users country and region.
  • Quova Weather - Integrates with the Weather module to provide a block showing weather at the users current location.
  • Rules - Built in rules support allows you to use country as a rules condition allowing location based site customizations or geofencing. Combined with Drupal Commerce, this allows you to enable and disable payment processors depending on the users location.
  • Views / Location - Built in helpers to allow you to interface easily with Views and the Location module. For example this can be used to automatically display branches closest to a potential customer.
  • Ad - Allows geotargeting of advertising using Quova and the Ad module.

For more information, visit the project page or check out the documentation.