Better integration with Facebook for Django

Posted 18 November 2010

I’ve really been enjoying working with Django for the last few months, it’s an incredibly powerful and elegant framework and I sorely wish there was an equivalent in PHP.

This said, I was sadly unimpressed with the social landscape support. Facebook’s own Python SDK has a slew of bugs and is not actively maintained, I recommend people use David Ziegler’s fork.

For integration with Django, there was Django-facebook which had good intentions but doesn’t quite cut the mustard, Pyfacebook which is no longer actively maintained and does not work with the new Graph API, and Social registration which was the best of the bunch, but still offered poor integration with the django authentication system.

To this end, I have released django-facebook which offers total and seamless integration with Facebook for your social apps.

It has a bunch of nifty tools including template tags, a nice middleware, an authentication backend and some actual documentation!

Spread the word, and watch this space.